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Expert Witness Testimony

Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. is available to provide expert witness testimony for fuel contamination cases. Additionally, we may also serve as expert witnesses or litigation consultants offering professional advice, litigation support, and fuel testing services.

Our expert testing, data and opinions may be used to prepare for cases in court litigation. Analysis and professional opinions may also be used in mediation and arbitration.

Fuel Testing Services for Litigation

Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. assists attorneys and legal professionals in the interpretation of scientific test data. This data is highly specific and can be very difficult to understand. You can count on our 40+ years of combined experience to provide accurate interpretation of such data. We have been or can be involved in the following areas of litigation preparation.

  • Collection, Documentation and Preservation of Evidence
  • Examination and Testing Items Involved In Litigation
  • Professional Evaluation of Technical Data
  • Reporting of Opinions by Technical Experts
  • Review of the Opposition's Expert Opinion
  • Preparation and Delivery of Deposition
  • Trial Preparation and Expert Testimony

Fuel Testing Consultants

Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. offers consulting services such as: investigating fuel quality and proper product storage, defining performance requirements of fuels, and resolving other fuel issues.

Additional Consulting Roles

We are capable of providing fuel laboratory expert witness testimony, litigation consulting services, and fuel testing.  We can also serve as litigation consultants in fuel product liability and insurance matters.

Fuel Testing Expertise

The scientists of Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. have analyzed fuel products for numerous clients for  40+ years. We are recognized as experts in fuel analysis: most notably jet, diesel, and gasoline.

Our Fuel Testing Experience Includes:

  • Testing and Evaluation of Jet and Diesel Fuels According to ASTM Specification
  • Specification Development of ASTM Methods
  • Emergency Onsite Analysis
  • Alternative Fuels Testing
  • Proper collection and preservation of fuel samples in approved containers per industry standard

Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. - Your Fuel Testing Expert Witness

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Expert Witness Testimony