Biodiesel and Alternative Fuel Analysis


Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. has experience in testing biofuels including biodiesel.

The scientists of Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. have provided on site consultation in biofuel production facilities to help meet production goals and ensure quality.

Biofuel Research

Biodiesel Tests to ASTM D6751 include:
  • Flash Point
  • Water and Sediment
  • Viscosity @ 40.0C
  • Sulfated Ash
  • Copper Corrosion
  • Cetane Number
  • Cloud Point
  • Carbon Residue
  • Acid Number
  • Distillation temp @ 90% recovered

Alternative Fuels

Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc. has consulted and performed testing on a variety of different alternative fuels derived from very different sources.

Biofuel Research

Alternative Fuel Tests include:
  • Bioalgae production jet fuel
  • Fuel derived from synthetic sources
  • Fuel derived from recyclable sources
  • Composite blended fuels derived from refined and natural sources