Sample Volume Required

Sample Size Required

Property Test & Method Same Size Required
Acidity ASTM D3242 250 ml
Aerobic & Anaerobic Microbial Analysis ASTM D611 100 ml
Aniline Point ASTM D611 100 ml
Aromatics (See Hydrocarbon Types) 0
Ash ASTM D482 50 ml/g
Bottom Sediment & Water ASTM D1796 200 ml
Cetane Index (calculated) ASTM D976/4737 250 ml
Cloud Point ASTM D2500/5773 100 ml
Cold Filter Plugging Point ASTM D6371 50 ml
Color, Saybolt ASTM D156 200 ml
Conradson/Ramsbottom Carbon ASTM D189/524 200 ml
Copper Corrosion ASTM D130 100 ml
Density/API Gravity/Specific Gravity (liquids) ASTM D1298 250 ml
Density/Specific Gravity (solids) ASTM D70 20 ml/g
Diesel Fuel Specifications ASTM D975 1 gallon
Distillation/Boiling Point ASTM D86 150 ml
Existent Gum ASTM D381 200ml
Flash Point , PM ASTM D93 200 ml
Flash Point, COC ASTM D92 200 ml
Flash Point, TCC ASTM D56 200 ml
Freeze Point, Automated Laser Method ASTM D7153 100 ml
Freeze Point, Manual ASTM D2386 100 ml
Fuel Oil Specification ASTM D396 1 gallon
Fuel System Icing Inhibitors (FSII) ASTM D5006 250 ml
Hydrocarbon types (aromatics, olefins, saturates) ASTM D1319 5 ml
Hydrogen (calculated) ASTM D3343 250 ml
Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation ASTM D3241 750 ml
Mercaptan Sulfur
ASTM D3227 150 ml
Net Heat of Combustion (calculated) ASTM D3338 250 ml
Oxidation Stability ASTM D2274 500 ml
Particulate By Vacuum Filtration ASTM D5452 1 gallon
Pour Point ASTM D97/5949 100 ml
Reid Vapor Pressure ASTM D5191 10 ml
Smoke Point ASTM D1322 20 ml
Viscosity by Stabinger
ASTM D7042 10 ml
Sulfated Ash ASTM D874 200
Total Sulfur, weight % ASTM D4294 50 ml
Turbine Fuel Specifications ASTM D1655 1 gallon
Ultra Low Sulfur Analysis ASTM D7039 25 ml
Viscosity (25-100 C) ASTM D445 10 ml
Viscosity (subambient to -30 C) ASTM D445 10 ml
Viscosity Index ASTM D2270 25 ml
Visual Inspection ASTM D4176 500 ml
Water & Sediment in Middle Distillate Fuels by Centrifuge ASTM D2709 100 ml
Water Content by Coulometric Karl Fisher Titration ASTM 6304 50 ml
Water Reaction of Aviation Fuels ASTM D1094 100 ml
Water Seperation by MSEP ASTM D3948 200 ml